Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Corolla Timeline

Tonight I took a bunch of photos of parts of my corolla for a uni assignment. The assignment is to create a series of images of a 'site' that has some emotional significance. I have been through a lot of good and bad with this car, and it has a lot of stories to tell as well as a timeline behind it.

All of these photos have some sort of story behind it, or remind me of times i have had with this car.

A couple of years ago people kept buying these slide stickers and putting them on their back bumpers... This seemed like a wankerish thing to do... So i got one and and ziptied it to my roll cage lol... Not so wankerish... right?

My girlfriend is from Thailand and regularly heads back to see her family. These diamonte thingos are just some of the many things she has brought back for me. It just seemed appropriate to put them all over my steering wheel

My blitz boost guage that i put in when i did my 4agze conversion. The air vent in the corollas are practically made for this size guage.

One of my good friends gave me these dice for my birthday on the first year of owning this car... it was like 2005 i think. I really wanted to put a set around my mirror cause there was this big fuss on the news that apparently this is illegal to do so!

This is my strut brace which actually came with my ae86 when i bought it... It seemed much more fitting to put it on my corolla. It was originally black, and then was sprayed pink pearl and then had green sparkles put over it when i did my latest engine lol

Whats the point of having a supercharger if you don't tell people about it?

My stickers that i got made up when i first started doing parklands events. Pretty much right when i first got the car painted. For some reason i keep getting told to rip these off and put shit plain ones on... not sure why...

Stickers are always cool if done right... Team stickers are a must, but i also rep speedhunters cause they post cool shit, and 86dc cause... well, its 86dc.
Awesome Touge is Awesome

My multi-core alloy radiator... my car still gets hot with the gze... Oh well...

Many many years ago we came up with this great idea to paint my car in a zebra pattern, this great idea turned into a not so great idea, more so a gay idea and i decided against it.
I painted the inside of the car instead and never looked back!

My damaged front lip could tell a thousand stories! Note the Midnight Mechnics sticker lol
Also i still have one good condition lip that i keep for nice track days that i want my car to look tidy for.

Much love to Kenny and the boys at Fatlace... Kenny sent these stickers over to me from the states for no charge and they are the most awesome stickers ever. These guys have been getting a bad rap from some of the people over here and i have no idea why. They are all about lowdown well built cars *shruggs*

My various other guages i bought when i did my 4agze conversion. Water temp and oil pressure... Interestingly supercheap doesnt sell a water temp guage in Celsius... WTF?

On my trip with my girlfriend to Bangkok i bought this in one of the auto shops, you cant get cup holders this cool anywhere in Aus!

This has become quite the tradition for me. With my first 16v i bought a 0.5mm metal head gasket from TRD and kept the sticker from it on my dash, this is the same type of sticker but for my 0.8mm TRD gasket that is currently in my gze.

Ah... My bride, i love this seat... Interestingly when i bought this seat it didn't fit me too well... I have since lost about 15kg and it is just so comfy.
I never want to have any other brand of bucket seat!

Touge Heroes do some awesome videos and i was very honor to be given this sticker. It's somewhat of a large statement when you start putting stickers on your front window. I think it can be overdone, but this sticker is just right.

Anyway, these are just some of the things that remind me of the great times i have had with this car.

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