Saturday, June 26, 2010


I have little doubt in my mind that any form of Australian Government will see this, or if they do, be remotely interested.

In this video Mark Skaife (for those out of the country - one of our v8 supercar champions) says it all on the show Sunday Night.
I couldn't agree more with everything he has to say.

It’s hard to imagine that there would be any interest to change the current forms of revenue raising in favor of more educated drivers on our roads. Road conditions are another thing. You would think with the collective amount of money raised from registration, tolls, fines and every other little thing they ping us for there would better quality roads around.
I have to tell you I live on the Gold Coast and some of the highways and main roads around here I have seen better condition roads out in the sticks of Thailand.

I wonder so often what the government is thinking when it comes to road safety. How can they expect to reduce deaths on our road with the current approach?
It seems they think that if they shock and scare us with horrific road safety ads and empty our pockets time after time it will make us better drivers.

It sickens me how wrong they are...

Have a watch, if you have a blog post this up, the more people that see this the more we will ALL benefit from it.


  1. He is spot on ay. When i was learning to drive my dad encouraged me to track race and drift just so i would learn to control a car on it's limits. I'm not suggesting everyone does that but some sort of advanced training is definitely needed. We also need better roads and higher speed limits. Mark Skaife 4 PM

  2. Same goes to Malaysia. We need better roads, better teaching on how to drive.

  3. I should point out too that i am currently in the UK and Europe and he is spot on. The speed limit is much faster here, the roads are 100x better condition and there is only new cars here.

    I have yet to see one wanker retard driver.

    If the government wishes to see any sort of improvement on our roads they need to start following suit.