Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chillin, killin, little bit of illin...

I sorely want either a wide angle lens, or even more a full frame camera body. For now though im stuck to jamming myself in the corner with my 1.6 crop 40D and 17mm lens.

This is a few weeks back when i had the corolla hanging in the garage after a full day of cleaning and polishing.


  1. Who else has a AE71 this clean? With a 4AGZE & Streets.

  2. SLR with wide angle will set you free. Thats the hot angle right there though! Looks like it wants to rev up and smash out through the door. I had streets on my AE86 trueno 4age turbo. Not as good offset as yours but still real nice rim. Added your blog to my roll.