Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hill Run

So I haven't driven my car since I ran it into the wall and I've been getting the itch hard.
Today I finally had the time to use a mates Mig at his workshop to fix my seat mount. I was originally gonna create a new one but this became a real mission and I realised I could use the old broken one. So I bent that one back and welded it up properly and now it's sweet as.

Went for a hill run tonight and it was awesome. Drove with a mate in his 1200 ute, an 86 and a guy I recently met with an n/a 4a ke.

Such an awesome night!!

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  1. I think im getting a craving for a little 1200 would be sweet with an sr

  2. I'd love one, even just with the original single cam carby motor... Or maybe even especially with that.

  3. :) single cam dual carbies, where its at grant!
    ps, only just realized my car was on your blog again :D