Tuesday, March 23, 2010


There hasn't been nearly enough of it lately, alot of this has to do with money as well as time.

Beleive it or not this is probably the least amount of drifting i have been doing in the last couple of years. Once i get stuck back into i though there will be plenty of photos and footage to go around. Hopefully we can get all the boys up the for another MM track day some time soon.

In the mean time here's a photo of my car from the first year i had it, circa 2005

You might also notice this was taken by Luke Huxham of http://hashiriyaexports.com/ Who has been living in Japan for the last couple of years, so this really was taken a long time ago lol


  1. That car has come a long way. It's a way sexier machine, but I can see the potential in oder cars. Just like you did.

  2. Sure has, yea they are certainly not much when you start out but a good bit of love and passion goes a long way.

    The front has had the most significant changes, here's how it looked when i bought it.