Monday, March 8, 2010


Back in 2005, there wasn't much in way of inspiration for ke70 drivers. I have always had a big passion for Ae86's, so that had alot to do with it, but one particular Japanese ke70 always gave me the inspiration to make my car what it is today.

I don't have much knowledge, pics or info on this car... infact, this is it. But Just seeing it made me fall in love with the ke70 design and i knew i wanted my car to look this awesome.

Any Australian's that are reading this, I'm sure you will remember Drift Battle Magazine. I miss that magazine, there was so much cool stuff from Japan! I found this in one of their issues with photos from Mobara.

I also watched a RaceFactory Dvd that had about 5 seconds of this car in it, i love watching it!

Here is one video by shibadogworks i have found on youtube of the car at Mobara circuit.

If anyone, has more footage, pics, info on this car i would love to see it!!!


  1. i remember seeing the last picture of that car tandeming a long time ago. is this why you painted your car red? awesome!

  2. My car was always red, and i wanted to keep that identity of it being my car after i painted it, but this car really showed me how cool red paint can look on corollas

  3. The red definately looks good on the Rolla's. If I see any of that car I'll shoot them to you.

  4. i always flick through old db mags and come across that 2nd and 3rd pic. love it soooo much! wish there where more pic's!