Saturday, February 19, 2011

C's Garage Ke70

We all know them as the boys in NZ with two (one now - Sad face) of the most, if not the, baddest S13's around. Recently it came to my attention that Adam & Joel have been working their magic in the form of a toyota.

So far its looking pretty damn cool, Twin Carb 4a, wagon, and best of all; SSR Starsharks <3

This car has inspired me to better my fitment, so maybe in the not too distant future i will be doing more low and 185/55's instead of 60's

Thanks Guys!



    do they sell decent 185/55s over there? we have 1. feddy 595s -_-

  2. Not sure, I gotta get new tires today so I'll ask. I'm still gonna get 60's but will swap over when I need new steerers