Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jasons 4agze Progress

So behind the scene Jase has been making some fairly impressive progress on his car. Impressive progress despite saving as much as he can and actually buying a house in between all this car work.

About three months ago we had all planned to head up to a drift day, unfortunately Jase's Ze decided on the morning it wanted to only run on 3 cylinders this was not to happen for Jase.
The motor had been having problems before this, we were all leaning towards problems from the head upwards... Gasket, valve guides or stem seals etc... This was not to be.

Luckily Jase managed to find out about about an engine builder in tweed who knows his shit top to bottom.
After Marky, the engine Jedi as Jason puts it, pulled the motor apart it was found to have fucked bearings, rings and a scored crank. This always means a lot of fun ahead.

So the solution for the motor was to grind the crank, hone the cylinder bore, deck the block and shave the head because apparently they were both warped lol.
Seeing as the whole thing was apart they also decided to port the head, port match the inlet manifold and extractors, put in a 1mm ACL head gasket, ARP head studs, ACL rings, new bearings and of course replace all gaskets and seals plus smooth all the oil galleries.

Here's an idea of the porting that was done to the head, razor sharp!

How the block turned out, Marky has truly gone all out with this motor as you will see in further pics. No part has gone uncleaned/polished or painted.

While all this was happening in the workshop Jase decided to kick start his career as a professional painter by painting his engine bay.
With all the motor out this is how it was looking

With a solid bit of tidying up this is how looked

Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom...
Oh wait..

The motor got treated to new sump bolts and stainless welsh plugs. By this point Marky had been going all out on the motor. Every minor detail was becoming more significant with every step. The porting on the head was still being completed at this point.

Prep for the engine bay


The final result when cleared. I'm very impressed with Jason's efforts on this, i really want to do this myself with my car. I think i want to eventually fork out for a compressor though so i can comfortably paint my metallic honey paint in there.

Here is what the motor is currently up to, we aren't joking when we say Marky has thoroughly gone way out of his way for this motor. As Jase put it, good enough is just not good enough for this guy. I honestly cannot wait to see this running, its going to be the worlds most beautiful smoothest running gze ever.

On top of all this, Jase has picked up an SC14 supercharger and will be doing a W box conversion in order to prevent those nasty T box breakages.
That's it for now, i will have some more progress and pics for you when i go help Jase put it back into the car!

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