Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Track Day Prep

So I've pretty much just got back from uni, its dark and I still have my car to prep for tomorrows Queensland Raceway morning session... Oil Change, tools, tires, helmets... that old chestnut.

You might think with all this talk of rebuilding my daily that blew up this week that i might not have the money to be doing this tomorrow, and you'd be right.
But I'm doing it anyway :)

That said, I'm going to be broke as a motherfucker... And the rebuild bill that's most likely going to amount to around $1,500 is going to hit my funds for Japan HARD. Which is in less than a month by the way.
So a QR day probably isn't the most intelligent idea financially, but I haven't skidded in ages and I have been looking forward to this one for a long time now.

I also know i have promised photos from the QR day i went to watch a couple of weeks back, but on top of being lazy I am also quite flat out.
Just to give you an idea of what I am up to these days:

Full time Uni course
Two jobs
Photography Work + Any photography I do on the side... (backlogged about a couple of months lol)
Track car
Blown up daily (Nissan)
Saving+Planning for Japan
MM Blog
My photography blog
Uni Photo essay Blog on my Friend Aaron
Uni News photography blog (password protected but you get the idea)
Uni Publication
Social Life (not much of it)

Anyway, I cannot wait untill tomorrow, i will be skidding with Jason in his newly aquired Hack R31 which i will have to get some photos of very soon also.


  1. Which uni? What are you studying?

  2. Batchelor of digital media majoring in ephotojournalism

  3. Good god man, when do you sleep? lol