Thursday, May 19, 2011

Track Day

Here's a few photos from the track day today.

Jase took his new R31 hack out, I had a steer and it's so awesome! Best 1500 bucks ever

Just came with a set of coilovers and several rust holes.

Jase was kind enough to beach my car in the gravel as far as he could...

Famous last words - 'I got this!'

Quite possibly the hottest S15 I've ever seen... This photo does it zero justice.

My car stalled after a spin and wouldn't start again (starter motor) so I was stuck here in the rain for about 10 mins just waiting for someone to crash into me....

The main husk of this came off half way through the dipper, I continued skidding through corner 4&5, popped it on 5 and continued through corner 6 lol

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