Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Morning Session

Have you ever had a track day that has just been perfect?
You wake up, the weather is perfect, large amounts of sun but not too hot...
Your car runs all day without problem, all of your friends are there to hang out with you..
So many awesome awesome cars there to watch

And you make some tires wish they were never made for road purposes

This was my day yesterday

That spare pair of Potenza's that i had lasted only about 15 minutes i think, but they certainly made the day fun!

I also borrowed a mates helmet for the day as i'm looking at getting a full face helmet. I love seeing drivers of drift cars with very aggressive looking helmets, especially if it has a bright gold or blue visor like this one... I was so happy with this one yesterday I am definately going to get myself one! You can also see from the photos how cool it looks!

Anyway, onward with some awesome photos from the day!

Seasons Greetings! LOL

I can't get over how much fun i had yesterday, i am definately going to be doing many more morning sessions in the next year.

And Smookkkkkeee!!!!! Oh yes, the new pulley kit went very very well, no belt slip at all during the day. The clutch was slipping quite a bit in the morning but gripped up and kept going strong. So the corolla that probably should have broken by now stays strong :)

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