Friday, December 17, 2010

Pre Track Prep

I havent had much to do, but ive been slowely getting my car ready for my morning session on monday... I'm getting pumped cause the last morning session i went to i broke and axle, the last qr day i went to was a comp and it rained most of the day and thats about the total times ive actually had the gze up there!

Now that im running a solid 0.8Bar i can't wait to see what the car can do (read: Break... lol)

Ive got a bunch of tires sorted for the day, seeing as its just a fun day i got a pair of really old Potenza's i had to use up... hopefully thatll last me most of the day haha.

Also, here is my christmas getup for the track day lol seeing as its on the 20th of December i thought it was fitting... Don't hate me lol

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