Thursday, December 30, 2010


So this is my new standard corolla rear end that has been sitting around my house for a week or so...
Nothing too special about right?


For those that have no idea what im going on about, i am quite stubborn when it comes to the borg warner diffs that come standard in Corollas. Most people i know usually insist on changing to either an S series diff out of an Aus delivered ae86 or a (very costly) T series which either comes in a T-18 (drums) or a JDM ae86 (disc). The beauty of the T series is that you have the option to buy aftermarket crown gears and upgrade from the standard 3.89 to a 4.1, 4.3, 4.7... whatever

The obviously dissapointing thing with borg warners is that they do not have a removable centre and there is no aftermarket crown gears from them.
The assumption also is that corolla diff's will not last with anything greater than a standard 4age 16v.. and even this is pushing the limits.

Im happy to say my car has been through a 5 years with 16v and and my 4agze and i have only broken 1 axle in that time, that screams pretty reliable to me so i have never had the desire to change rear ends.

I have struck gold though with this diff as im sure you will understand, it turns out that all Auto corollas come with a 4.1 borg warner, which is the exact ratio i need for my car!
So i can't wait to get new everything for this, lock the diff up and chuck it in! Time for some epic third gear!



  2. Mine had a 4.3. Go find one of those.