Sunday, January 23, 2011

Epic Third Gear

Well the title kind of ruins the surprise, but my 4.1's are in the car and working perfectly. At Queensland Raceway i can now use third gear comfortably throughout the entire course! Before hand it used to be very high in second gear or too low in third, now it is just perfect.

I will definitely post up some pics next morning session to show how its going.
Anyway, here's some shots of my progress throughout the day last thursday when i put the new housing in.

I'm definitely not the fastest worker on cars, so i started working on this about 9.30 in the morning... Just as well because i didn't get the car back on the ground untill 9.30 at night... Fun times.

I haven't used my camera as much as i would have liked lately so here's some random shots of the car. Love my Rays wheel nuts, seemed appropriate for wheels as special as Hayashi's.

Some of my favorite stickers on the car

Few more

Old diff out (rusty shit looking one), new one set to go in (painted). Basically i had a bit of dicking around with this. I used my current diff centre and axles, but i needed the crown gear and pinion off the new housing. So i rattle gunned the crown gear off so i could put the new one on. Anyway at this stage the centre with new crown gear was in the housing and set to go in.

If you look closely at the old housing the trailing arm brackets are bent... i actually had the rose joints seize on the old housing... Made for a fun afternoon XD

9.30pm... Finally done, took it for a slap around the block and it actually lit up 4th with a little rain.... hmmmmm

And a photo of my painful but lovable nissan. Thankfully this thing has been treating me well lately, so i have been trying to make it as clean as possible.

Photos from a morning session soon!

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