Monday, January 17, 2011


So a week or so ago, my beautiful japanese exhaust broke a hanger. The second of which that had broken off that holds the rear muffler up, the previous one having broken before i got the exhaust.
For some reason that is unknown to me they used some very cheap hollow stainless 12mm tube as hangers... and they are as brittle as glass.

Anyway, i had my hand at trying to tig again with Josh's welder, last time i couldn't use it at all.. It just wouldnt work for me. Having been so long since i last used a tig welder im pretty happy with the welds.
I also had to build myself a new hanger out of solid 12mm steel which was a steep learning experience.

Im certainly no artist when it comes to tig'ing (especially for stainless) but im pretty impressed how i went for not having tig'd for a year and a half.

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