Saturday, January 29, 2011

S13 D&M

As much as i love this car, it has well and truly been living up to its reputation of constantly breaking things.
Some things to mention i fixed this week is a giant rust hole that came from no where in the boot, and a water pump that decided it wanted to purge the majority of my coolant out of its weep well.
Also now i think i need to buy a new 02 sensor because my fuel efficiency has halved... again.

That said, I've had shit cars before and sold them off for similar reasons, but from the fun this car gives me i definitely don't want to sell it anytime soon.

As shit as it treats me, I've really come to respect how much it takes to have a reliable, comfortable daily driven 20+ year old sports car. It takes a lot of hard work, and a lot of maintenance, and sadly a lot of money.
That said, i can already see the difference in the shitbox that i bought a year ago and the car i now own.
Just things like having matching panels all the way around, a proper Japanese exhaust instead of a gay Aus one, having a complete interior etc...


I've learnt something recently, interestingly from a car related cartoon, that when building a car you can only take things one step at a time. Eliminate the weaknesses one by one, and eventually you will have the car you will desire.

The car may not look like much at this point in time, but with the income i currently have I'm very happy to call it one of the cleanest S13's I've seen around. Hopefully when i finally get some proper money to put into this car it can become one of the cleanest badass S13's around


  1. I love how clean/stock this car is! Stick in there, there's a few of us who envy it

  2. Patience is the key. :)

    Been building my Corolla for a year already. Still shitty but getting better than day 1.

    Anyway S13 rawks. I wish the car is cheaper here.

  3. Its only missing squares headlights. Second best S13 colour combo

  4. I very curious about the colour, what colour is that? It looks gorgeous! And as a side not I really think you should keep your s13 looking as it is, its pure perfection. I don't know where you're from, but I'm from Australia and If you ever want to sell that baby, please contact me at Cheers mate.