Friday, July 8, 2011

Hill Run at Dusk

 Since arriving back from Japan I have been very eager to blow the cobwebs off the Corolla and go for a proper drive.
Yesterday afternoon a group of friends and I went for a late afternoon hill run up an area called Beechmont here on the Gold Coast. I would not claim it to be the most amazing collection of corners around but it does have some fun parts.

My good friend Ross came along in his WRX. Being a rally driver he certainly knows how to steer a car so I always love trying to keep up with him on the hills.
The base of Beechmont has a few cool corners to tear through but there are pockets of residential areas that you really need to go slow through. The best part is when you get to the top of the mountain and there is nothing be straight sweepers where you can really open the taps!

Nathan also brought his 1200 along with some mates in other rad looking old school cars.
As said, Beechmont may not be the most amazing hill run around but it certainly has some great views!


  1. you cars looking good

  2. Loving the new layout Grant, your car looks amazing as always.

  3. Thanks mate, got some new stuff in regards to layout very soon :)