Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jayrad's S14

So today Jayrad got his new blacktop to go back into the S14. The previous one had decided it no longer liked having useable rings and thus became unusable. There are some pretty good plans for this new motor, seeing as money had to be spent it would seem that Jayrad decided to go big.

 The s14 was already pretty damn cool on the outside running 18x10 Work XD9's and an Instant Gentleman front bar. However the motor was previously a pretty standard S14 blacktop with a T28.

The new motor is now running 265/264 cams, GK Tech rocker arm stoppers, GK Tech stainless turbo manifold, Kando Dynamics TD05-20g turbo, Apexi Power FC, Tomei 740cc injectors, Tomei Sump, and a custom clutch from Direct Clutch. On top of this, to take care of cooling Jayrad has added a Greddy oil filter relocator and a Koyo triple core radiator. 
Sounds like it's going to be one hell of a motor!

 A lot of people say that stainless turbo manifolds are useless and they always crack welds, and with good reason. You are always far better to own a new steam pipe manifold than a cheap eBay item or a very old manifold bought off Yahoo auctions. But for the prices that GK Tech sells these brand new stainless manifolds  you can't argue that it's worth giving it a go. The quality of these is quite amazing. 

This is the TD05 that is going onto the motor. Jason actually runs one of these on his 4agte and although it's a little laggy for a 1.6 it should be awesome on an SR build of this quality.

 After a lot of dicking around during the afternoon we finally got Jayrad's motor in. Having had this motor out for the past two months, and at the time of removal it being his daily, it being back in the engine bay is something of a victory for Jayrad.

Victory pose! Plenty more on Jayrad's S14 soon guys!


  1. Love the colour of these photos Grant. Mind me asking about the camera set up ?

  2. Sure, I just use a canon 40d with a 17-40 F/4 L and a 50mm 1.4
    I've also used a 580EXII flash with triggers for most of these photos.