Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jason's Fresh 4AGTE

Those of you who have been reading for a while will know that Jason has been busy having his 4agze motor professionally rebuilt. Jason previously had a SC14 supercharger and W box lined up for this, however half way through the build he had a change of heart and decided it was time to turbo this sucker.

Having received the motor back yesterday, it has now been treated with bigport cams, a brand new T28 on a steam pipe manifold and is waiting on a custom inlet manifold running a larger throttle body and 550cc injectors. To tie it all together the motor will be run with an Adaptronic ECU and coil over plug ingnition.

The builder of the motor, Marky, has gone absolutely nuts with the restoration of it. There has not been a single part of the engine that has not been polished, replaced or improved in some way. Every single bolt has been replaced with new alan key bolts and every plastic bit has been painted. Even the alternator and crank angle sensor has been polished. A great example of Marky's attention to detail is the front harmonic balancer; here you can see the cover he created using a lathe to cover up the main bolt on the crankshaft.

Jason lives about 35 minutes away from me now so I don't get to catch up with him as much as I would like. Seeing as I was down there today I took the opportunity to get some photos of his R31 hack he bought recently.

 This thing has been the perfect drift toy. It came with a full set of coilovers for $1500 and it was immediately ready to slide. Having had a go of it last track day I thoroughly approve!

We also decided that Jason's photo for this site is not scandalous enough.


  1. God that is one sexy man!

    Soon we will all be on the streets AE/KE repping!

  2. Grant that last shot was supposed to be a private one for you and me only.

  3. Well I had planned on building a jza70 for a daily while the corolla is down but after staring at the first photo for a good 20 minutes I don't even wanna think about building anything else other than another corolla. Sex Magic over here eh Jason?

  4. Jason has rebuilt the motor nicely and had changed it beautifully. the machines are designed to act perfectly from the previous version.