Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Datsun Update

Generally if anything can go wrong, it will...
As well as it not being a head gasket that was the original problem,
It turned out my head needed a rebuild because the valve guides were incredibly worn... And to top it off i had a bent valve.

Anyway, all pain and swearing aside the head is now back in my possession after a full rebuild and a new valve. I will hopefully be putting it all back together at the end of this week, and if i still have to address this original problem im going to be looking at either fuel or air flow meter...

New 1.2mm head gasket from ACL

The head is freshly back from the machinists after a full rebuild.

I also will be putting on the obligatory rattle canned satin black rocker cover... I'm going to take my original one to my painter and get it painted the same metallic black/silver as Jasons 86

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