Friday, April 2, 2010

Touge Heroes Dvd Meet

A couple of nights back myself and a few select car owners met up in order to be a part of the production of the Touge Heroes Dvd.

The usual variety at any given track is anything from standard with a set of wheels to full blown competition cars. It was great, in this case, to see only see cars that have been purpose built and appropriately styled.

 The participation involved all of the cars being filmed while leaving the carpark, and then after proceeding to the nearest highway onramp, filmed again as we entered the highway.

A notable mention to Ben in his purple R32 and its pure sexuality, me being the one behind him as we merged onto the highway. I will drive with that man any day lol.

Generic S15 composition #2 lol


  1. Not sure sorry dude, someone off im sure

  2. Lol I was going to say to sendo some pictures over and ill post on my blog!

    Pics are looking the goods!

  3. Your Rolla, and the Silver S15 are sick.

  4. Much love!!

    great photos mate, can't wait till we do something like this again.