Sunday, April 11, 2010

Random Archy Track Day

Well yesterday afternoon was very interesting.
With very little going on in my afternoon, after a quick chat with Jase on facebook (another mate of mine with a type x 180sx) i decided to head up with him to archerfield to watch some drifting.

Here's some shots from the arvo

Buckna brought this tidy little dato in to carry the tires for his rb25 s14 monstor, i'm quite a fan.

I <3 outrun too, I also <3 my 50mm f/1.8!

This was the first time i saw Paul Dean's new livery on his S13, it looks fantastic!

Here's me in the passanger seat of Buckna's black monstor S14.
This man can steer, i was very impressed with his driving and the car's power!
Thanks to Jase for the picture!

I also happened to get my s13 on the track for three laps. Its just silly how easily these things drift. Will have some pics from Jase soon hopefully.

Oh also, A special mention to the old guy at Archy that was trying to kick me out, as i was leaving, for taking off my shoes in the pits just before getting in my car...

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