Saturday, November 27, 2010

14 Psi

It doesn't sound to much but in something that requires borderline insanity to drive at 0.6 bar this car is now going to be downright spastic!

I still gotta get the right belt and i think there is a few things that need to be changed to an N/A 4age part, but im about about to go try fit it up now.
Just got the hangring in there for a bit of reference, this pulley is huge!!


  1. Hey man this car already smashes it. Gonna be mental with the mega pulley. Why do u need to change to NA parts??

  2. Now that the new pulley is a larger diameter it hits the adjustment pulley that runs along the outside of the belt for the supercharger.
    According to T3 i need an NA one im assuming cause its smaller, but i dont remember the na motors having one like i need... so i might have to look around and see what i can find.

    Also i had to cut out the engine cover a little for the bigger keyway, and i need to trim down the timing needle cause again the new pulley is too large