Monday, November 15, 2010

Aaron's Warrior KE70

Well my good mate Aaron is selling up his ke70. Which is a shame cause it's a rad little thing.
Especially considering it's currently the bearer of my old 16v 4age, which went like the clappers.

Aaron is a good friend of Hoshino, the owner of Team Geki in Japan. So on top of having some nifty little bits and pieces in the car, it's got quite a lot of Japanese drifting influence.

As well as the true heart of a Midnight Mechanic corolla.

The motor now powers through a Jap T50 and pushes the torque along through a TRD 2way inside a complete jdm Ae86 disc rear end.

So hopefully if it sells this isn't the last we will be seeing of this car. A lot of love from quite a few people I know has gone into this car. Fingers crossed it going to be seeing just as much touge!

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  1. im giving aaron some money to put on it this weekend :)