Saturday, November 27, 2010

Size difference

Here's a pic for you to understand the size difference of this beauty, its fairly solid and extremely well built.
Ive always been just a little skeptical about some T3 parts, but ive bought a few things from them now and im nothing but impressed.

And for your viewing pleasure, i put my Techno Toy Tuning sticker they sent me on my Bride. Getting a few on there now but i still need much much more!
Might have to get some more MM stickers made up so i can get trading asap


  1. Might be off-topic, but..

    I'm interested in your Midnight Mechanics sticker mate...I wonder how can I get it? I'm from Malaysia btw and I'm driving JDM KE70 GL. Would love to show some love from here just like the one on your Bride lol.

    Here's my car if you're interested:

  2. Cool mate, looks pretty cool, ill have to get some made up soon when i get some time to