Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All running again

So this afternoon i went and got a 4age idler pulley from a wrecker to run as the adjustment pulley...
Turned out to be more of a pain in the arse than i thought, but i got it all sorted.

Basically you have to pull off the bracket that sleeves on the bearing and attaches to the spring, bin that..
Flip the pulley around, run enough spacers so the pulley itself doesnt touch the adjustment bit that you push it up and down on, and on top of that run a spacer inside thats big enough to fit the inside dia of the bearing as well as fits the dia of the bolt... This just prevents the pulley from running around cause its a half moon shape inside it, not an actual hole.

Anyway, its all running now

It pulls very hard now, but it only hits 0.8 Bar which is a bit short of the 1 bar (14psi) that i was told it should run.
That said i have also been told that factory ecu's dont like to run past 12 psi, and that 14psi is signing a death warrent for an SC12 so maybe its a blessing in disguise.

I know my clutch already is objecting to the idea of any more boost lol... i think im going to have a guessing game on what will break first haha

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  1. ECUs can handle 15psi, SC can handle 16psi (for how long I dont know). Power will drop off above 6500, thats the charger. Put on a SC14 and ditch the pulley!