Friday, February 5, 2010

Back In The Day.....

Vintage 07'

We had all been building our cars for about two years now. Jason had the red trueno which was rocking a 20v, that can has since been sold and the 4agze one is a new shell. I assume the red car's only use since these days has been to cut sick laps somewhere in sydney...

Nod & I still had the NA 4age 16v's... however Nod's was some crazy jap concoction with super pointy high compression pistons..

Yes... that is a piston hanging off the back of my car

The cars didnt look much back in the day, but we treated them accordingly... In fact we still treat them as if they look like that.
The arse of mycar still has a date with the wall on corner 3 at Queensland Raceway.....

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