Saturday, February 27, 2010

Midnight Mechanic Kickback

Such an awesome time was had yesterday afternoon leading into last night.

The decision for some beers/hangout at Jason’s house was made, a good decision at that.

As you can see, Jason is quite the model. When i asked to take a photo of his new daily basher excel he insisted on posing for the shoot.

This was totally at random, i do this every time i get out of a hammock.... Very slowly...
This is generally how jason treats his cars, the excel is the privileged one. The 86 is the whore on the side.

Jason caught the photography bug during the afternoon and took almost as many shots as i did. Here's his artistic view of a clothes line peg.
Mr. Jason san, conqueror of the east and regions better off not mentioned, quietly asking his beer for more whole hearted advice.

The advice was taken.

Jason, recently released from the tyranny of an Amish commune, was happen to again talk about things like drifting, beer and electricity

Jason's Girlfriend Jess was hanging out with us for the whole afternoon. We kept the car talk to a minimum lol.

Would you trust this man with your daughter?
Surprise photo!

There were also some after afternoon session activities. Good times were had by all.

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  1. Would you trust this man with your daughter?