Friday, February 19, 2010

Drift Nostalgia

A bit of old school footage for all you fans out there

2006- Jason and Jason driving their 16v(orange) & 20v(red) ae86's

My car was still undergoing a very long and costly 16v conversion at this point

Here's some more footage of the cars from around that time.... Good times

Midnight Mechanics Circa 2006 from Grant Scott on Vimeo.

2007 - My car's 16v is well and truely run in. Here's some footage that took me quite a bit to track down...

Here's some footage of my car a couple of years back just before i got the damn thing painted

and also some footage i think the same week at a track called Archerfield

There's a few more vids of my car from gymkhana's and powerblitz etc... but ill have to see if i can find some more of the two Jasons... plus we need to make some more footage.


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  1. Damn I was close to havin a Rolla with that nose. I dunno what they are called.