Monday, February 22, 2010

The Drift Itch

When you own a drift car, you are usually broke all the time. When you are not broke you are drifting, untill you are again broke...

I havent been drifting for a while now because i have been out of a job, but i have the drift itch. An itch that can only be scratched with tire smoke, limiter bashing and aggressive clutch kicking.

On another topic, i have had this freaking canon sitting in my room for a good 7 months now and i still havent bothered to put it on my car. I hope to finally get off my arse and put it on some time in the coming weeks, this will get rid of the use of my giant 'no muffler' pipe that i use on track. So the car will be a little louder on the road, but a little more quiet and better sounding on track.

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