Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Team Sticker

I'm trying to design a new team sticker... One thats of simple design that i can get a heap made and hand out to mates etc. I did the very same with the last sticker (see title picture), however it was very costly and i only got about 15 made.

This is what i am thinking so far, a completely black background with chrome as all the writing.

Thoughts and opinions?
I want to make it thinner also, but it proves to be hard as the script writing easy overlaps.


  1. font reminds me of our new stickers haha

    looks sick, do it!

  2. Ha thats rad dude, by the way i will send you some stickers too... im just deciding whether to send ome last one of the white and black or when i get some new ones made up... only dont know when ill get the new ones