Friday, August 6, 2010

Engine Bay Tidy Up

I think its safe to say that 4agze's are a lost cause in terms of engine bay tidy'ness.
Ive seen one or two cool looking examples, but at the end of the day they are ugly as sin and could never be as awesome looking as a worked n/a 4age 16v or 20v with quads and tuned extractors.
Case in point:

I sold my engine bay's soul, but its a small price to pay for unreal amounts of torque that would make turbo owners weep.

Today i took it upon myself to clean up my engine bay with a bit of paint and try to make it a bit more visually pleasing. I also had a bit of an incentive to do so, but i won't say why at this point untill its actually happened.

Here's how the motor was looking this morning. The radiator support somewhere between black and red from when i changed from slanted front to flat front. Silicon bits in orange and red, two colors that have no commonality with anything in the car. The washer bottles slowely flaking paint into my engine bay that i never bothered to paint.

Well i didn't do a dramatic amount today, but i did enough to be happy with my efforts. Firstly i masked off the radiator support, gave it a light sand and painted it satin black. While doing this the washer bottles copped the same treatment. I also decided to mask off the tops of the strut towers and spray them with a can of the cars outside paint (hence why the strut brace isnt back on just yet).
To top it off i went and bought some new silicon to replace that dirty old orange bit, as well as the covered up the blue silcon so now the engine bay is a bit more colour coded.

This sunday ill be competing at the King of Drift comp at Queensland Raceway. Really looking forward to that, wish me luck!!!

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