Saturday, August 28, 2010

JDM Garage

Today i went for a ride up with Jayrad to see Erin, Buckna and the boys at JDM garage in Brisbane. Jayrad had his pockets full of cash to purchase some bits he wanted for his S14, and i came for the ride to collect a part for my s13 that was in brissy. But more on that later.

These guys have got just about anything you could want for a Nissan, i was lucky to not have much cash on me but i was secretly compiling a list of parts that my s13 now needs.

The thought occured to buy these beauties i think at 17x9 +25. When i actually have money to be spent on wheels i will be aiming for something closer to a 17x9 +18.

Maybe i could buy a set of these Work Meisters..

I was very tempted for one of these stunning painted rocker covers for my red top, but i should hopefully be getting my old one back soon with a fresh lick of paint the same color as Jason's hachi.

And who doesn't love stickers from the land of J. Considering i had enough in my wallet for at least a couple of these i had to be very careful. Basically if you come with a full wallet to JDM garage be prepared to come back with a whole lot of awesome.

It was great to see Erin's Sil80 up close today, i was actually reading through the build up last night so it was a treat to see it in person.

Lots of stickers too, i swear my corolla is too clean cut some times.

And the reason i came for a ride up with Jayrad, but i will have a whole post on that shortly.

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