Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Dump & Front pipe

This is what i collected up in brissy yesterday. Not much money gets spent on my silvia (except in engine rebuilds) so I decided to splash out and get a new Dump+Front pipe. I managed to find one for sale that came as one peice in stainless 3".

Not much of an upgrade i know, but considering the car came with a standard dump and only a cat back exhaust i felt it deserved it. Particularly if i up the boost a bit more and/or buy a new turbo down the track.

I have to say also its so refreshing to buy parts for a car that just bolt up, no cutting or welding to do lol.. Thanks Corolla

Here's an idea of the difference in size; the car pretty much isn't any louder but it actually feels alot smoother in the lower rev range.

This is probably the only turbo silvia in Australia that was still running standard exhaust between the turbo and Cat lol...

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