Monday, August 9, 2010

King of Drift - 2nd Place!

Well i honestly could not beleive it, but i came back with 2nd place yesterday.
Top four was a feirce battle with Josh Coote, Dan Kenneally and Josh Boettcher... So i was well out of my normal playing field. Hopefully i can find some pics of the battles soon!
Anyway for the time being, here's my trophy.

Also, im very happy to have actually properly used up a set of tires yesterday... usually i come back with the tires sortof too used for another track day, but not really even delaminated..
Yesterday was not the case.

I managed to do this during the entry comp, got as much speed as i could and short shifted to 4th and handbraked into corner 6. I held it till the corner, and then jammed it into second... it was pretty obvious it happened somewhere on corner 6 but i just put it into 3rd and kept going lol.

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