Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jayrad's 'Supermade' S14

Today Jayrad got his new Supermade front bar and S14 wing from JDM garage, so we got some new photos for him to score women and internet credit from.

Still about a 3-4 week eta on his white 18x10 Work XD9's. Once they arrive its pretty much going to be the most awesome S14 around.


  1. Grant you are awesome as fuck. haha. dope photos bro.

  2. Thanks man, the extra 580ex made all the difference... i wish i had a spare one, with good quality flash triggers and two soft boxes.

    It would make any car look dope

  3. theres always rad blog posts on the day that the container comes in, my bro got overs for his FC from the same container i think

  4. wat fog lights are those on the s14, looks clean, u think that will fit for s13 Supermade, email me about it at