Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Crisis or Opportunity?

When it comes to cars, I can't stand spending money to just end up where I was before. I always like to see every crisis as an opportunity for some form of improvement.
A good friend, Davey Clarke, sent me a link today to a guy that sells brand new ke70 bits at incredibly cheap prices.

Seeing as I'm in need of new taillights due to my recent, uh... body modifications, I have splashed out and bought brand new tail lights, side indicators, quad light surrounds with parkers and matching grill.

Can't wait to have it here, it's definitely gonna freshen up the look of the car!!

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  1. nice one man.. believe i also got all my lights, quad surround, parker, signal and more from this guy.. serious cheap with good quality..

  2. Could you inform me on how to acquire a set of those as well? :D

  3. Facebook search "kay parts"... he ship internationally...