Sunday, March 6, 2011


Ive had coilovers in my S13 for about a year now, Cusco in the front and Tein in the rear.
Interestingly enough, the noblet who owned them previously decided that when he wanted to paint his engine bay covering up the camber tops wouldn't be a great idea.

So for the past year ive had Cusco camber tops with cracked purple paint peeling off them. Im not sure why its taken me a year to do something about it, i think i assumed it would be far easier to do it with the tops out of the car and just didnt want to bother until then.

Anyway, this afternoon i got stuck into it with a stanly knife and got most of it off. If i ever pull the coilovers out for a short reason ill do a better job, but this is pretty good for now.

This is how they looked before

And now after cleaning them up a bit and a decent wipe down.. Still scratched as fuck but at least that beautiful Cusco blue is all you can see now.


  1. you know your car's doing very well when all there's left for you to do is scrape off old paint from your camber tops!

  2. Lol I think its just a case of my car didn't break this week for a change. Plus I was waiting for some stuff to dry that I had to put back together so I had some spare time