Monday, March 7, 2011

Roll Call! - Who's Reading?

It's occurred to me today from finding my stats on blogger that more people read this than I thought. I don't get a large amount of comments on here, but I always love to hear from new people.

So with that in mind I'd LOVE to hear from as many people that read my blog as i can!

Definitely keen to hear what car you drive, where you're from, where your local mountain is, whether you have a blog... Whatever you wanna list guys!
Especially keen to see some links and pics as well :)

Spread the word, and hopefully I can hear from quite alot of new people!!


- Grant


  1. First lol!

    High Grant.. Name's Edgar from Indonesia and i drive a Daihatsu Charmant. You can say Charmant is your AE71's cousin. Suspension-wise it's pretty identical to AE86 SR5. Guess Toyota fooled around and got Daihatsu knocked with its bastard son.

    Finished swapping smallport 4AGE, now i am focusing on upgrading the brakes with RX7 calipers and short stroking the struts. Custom rose-jointed links are coming also.

    I do have a blog for this build on .. Do visit when you have the time!

  2. Cool man, thanks for posting! I love charmants, but yea we don't get em here :(

  3. yo grant
    names Tom, i drive an ae86. red, kitted, loud as fuck.

    im sure i see you driving almost every day along currumburra road at like quarter to seven in the morning?

    do you work at maries pizza by any chance?

  4. Yea man, are you the owner of the maroon one with the vertex kit?
    If so I just posted on your wheel thread on sd saying I see you drive all the time lol.

    I work as an editor for a photography company in molendinar, but I also work for a pizza restaurant in Ashmore plaza on Fridays

  5. You already know this but ill post to get the ball rolling :)

    Dan from brisbane with a rough s13 slide car and a ms135 crown daily

    I help at

  6. yeh thats me.
    ive got you on FB, Thomas Hayward.

  7. Ahk awesome Tom, glad to be talking to ya. Yeah I've seen you drive past me like 5 times now lol.

    Also, thanks Dan! Catchya at the track again soon

  8. Sam from Adelaide, drive a lightly modified FC rx7. Knuckles, hydro handbrake, 180rwkw, plus all the usual bolt on goodies.

    just stumbled upon this blog through someone elses blogroll :) Love your car tho man!

  9. Dan from NSW here (Daniel Dietrich on Facebook)

    I've got an AE71 which has recently been manual Swapped + 86 Struts and KYB Shocks F + R.

    Soon to be 20V with ITB's + Some better suspension gear!

    My Blog is here, big WIP


  10. hi guys im Azrain from Malaysia,previously i owned a 1983 Toyota KE70 with 4age engine,but it was totaled lost in an accident back in 2008~now i owned a 1993 toyota lx80 (similar to jzx81).. do visit my lame blog

    btw our local mountain in Malaysia s Genting Highland

    regards and thanks


  11. HEY GRANT.

    HEY, MAN!

    Where are the photos from the drive way hang?




  12. It's a pleasure guys, Dave from over in the U.S. drive an AE86, red, ST 20v running open itb's with full F1 spec headwork, next up is swapping in my old driveline and trd diff.
    help run a small blog
    and then there's the FB

  13. hey grant, name is john from across the ditch. nice work on ya car, i stop by most days to check this blog. i got a blue 82ke70 with a ca18det between the adjusties and trd2way ae86 diff.
    keep up the good work, love the updates, cheers

  14. Hey guys, Thanks Azrain, Dave and John!

    Also guys, feel free to add me on facebook. Only thing i ask is maybe send me a message letting me know who you are, cause i quite regularly (and frustratingly) have been getting complete randoms.

    Quite happy to add someone ive never met, but i quite often ignore people that i can see no ties to or can't see any information about them. Cheers!

  15. i read this but my car sucks and im local soooo

  16. Hi Grantt. My name is Ammar. Im from Malaysia too. Azrain is my big sifoo. =P

    I owned a KE70 Corolla DX 1981. Previous engine was Silvertop 20v Turbo. But now swapped to stock Blacktop 20v. 4-throttle, T50, 1.5way LSD, adjustable, etc. Been inspired by your car for years!

    Anyway, my Rolla update is at

  17. hey grant, my names evan.
    im from the U.S. drive a loud 86 coupe.

    my tumblr + flickr

  18. Yo Midnight Mechanics im Rhett all the way from Barbados in the caribbean. I have a 83 ae70 with a blacktop love my rolla. Grant your e7 was my inspiration for the build. to bad mine is the long light late model still love it tho. clutch kick allday

  19. Hey man! My name is Garrison from over in the US, and I love seeing whats going on with your car. I just picked up an 83 ae-71. I have completely fallen in love with this 40hp monster =P

    Keep up the good work man!

    here is the current build log of my Rolla.

  20. I'm Jesse, from New Zealand, I have an ae101 sedan with adjustables, 17x9s, and a blacktop with open throttles.
    Your car is pretty much what I would drive if I could afford a KE70

  21. Just wanted to represent one of the smallest countries in Europe, Luxembourg!
    love your blog!
    aka monkeymagic86

  22. Costa Mesa, CA, US. 1993 Miata, 1971 Datsun on blocks in the garage. I found your blog because I was looking at a 1983 Corolla sedan on Craigslist and did some research to see what a well built one would look like. You guys have it so much better when it comes to vehicle emissions laws