Saturday, March 26, 2011

Prep for Sunday

So I'm done for the night now with the corolla. It's been on stands for half the week seeing as I have been lucky enough to have some garage space and I've had little time to work on it.

I've also been fairly rushed as I'm planning to do a track day on Sunday.

The brakes have been lacking lately considering I only have vented disks and nothing else. Probably doesn't help that the pads are completely flogged.

So I've forked out for some high temp pads and some race brake fluid. Hopefully now it should pull up fairly quick. I'm also planning to get some slotted disk but at $240 a pair I might see how these go first.

I also bought some 55 profile tires as apposed to the normal 185/60 14's for some of my skid rims to try them out. I'm planning to run these all round soon so I can lower the car more and make the car handle better.

You can see the difference in fitment on the front and rear. Hayashis are 60's and the hurricanes are 55

Definitely looking forward to fitment similar to this!

Oh also I finally got my wing back, I'm gonna try fit it up some time

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