Monday, March 28, 2011

Damage Documatation

So in my own sick twisted way i decided it would be a good idea to take some photos of the damage, seeing as i only have iphone pics at the moment.
I gotta say i found it quite funny that Fink told me yesterday that while we were tandeming he could see my bucket seat through my tailight lol.

I must admit it looks fairly tough like this, i'll be fixing it when i can. But for now ill just get a tailight and fix my bumper.

Its pretty solid damage, but its all cosmetic. The boot still opens and closes perfectly lol WIN!

This is whats left of my bumper bracket... Ive been giving these a bad rap, theyre pretty inferior and never lined up properly. But im starting to think if these didnt snap then maybe my bumper might have.

This is also whats left of my seat rail, that bit is ment to be straight lol. It didnt break on the crash, but id say it took the main hit when i did. It took about 5 more runs before i started lifting up in my seat.

Lol and yes i did try ziptie it down to get just a little more runs in.

So for now i have my bride out and sitting in my room till i fix the rail.

My light got hit hard in the crash, it pretty much exploded lol

Thankfully my bumper corner didn't blow up, which i would have expected it to... I think all the same im going to reinforce the inside of all four of these.


  1. Lucky you didn't bend a rim. It looks cool though.

  2. Sucks... but battle damage happens! Good to see you taking it in stride, I'm sure you'll get it fixed in no time.

  3. Battle scars just bring out the man in you, destroy and drive away like a BOSS!

  4. Yea that's it, I'm actually really surprised it hasn't happened sooner lol

  5. Yo i fucking love your car. I been following your blog everyday. What size wheels are those. 14x8-12?