Monday, March 21, 2011

My life is complete

I always love seeing photos of my car floating around the net on differently blogs or online magazines. But i have always been of the opinion that it is a much higher privilage to have your car featured in a printed magazine.
Ideas of this happening when i first bought my corolla would have been nothing more than a pipe dream that i would have scoffed at had someone even mentioned that this might come true for me one day.
That said, it has always been the pinicale for me. I have always felt if i were to get my car in a printed magazine it would truely mean i have created something great.

Today i came home from work to find a parcel for me with three copies of the same magazine inside. A magazine that just happened to have my car featured in it.


  1. Yea oh well, we weren't skidding anyway and it's probably for the best

  2. Ahhhh! that DC sticker, I thought it was gone, now its in printed form to haunt me forever