Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Final Japan iPhone Shots

Got some final iPhone photos from my Japan trip for all you guys reading out there!

Karaage, Tomago and deep friend cheese from one of my nights in Shinjuku... Getting damn hungry looking at this right now.

My Bento box on the Shinkansen ride down from Tokyo to Osaka... Damn, still hungry...

The views of the houses are gorgeous on the train, I absolutely loved taking the Shinkansen each time.

More food, my favorite; Gyoza and Karaage.

The Hiroshima Atomic Dome. This was 600 metres below the blast when it happened in 1945.

Ok... I won't...

So many of these in Osaka.

My new official offset measurement tool.

The deer at Nara are quite polite, they bow at you.

This temple is a replica of one about twice the size that apparently fell over... This one was huge so it would have been an amazing site to see the original.

Vs-KF's are common as dirt. I spotted this in Kyoto.

Spotted this pretty in Shinsaibashi, Osaka.

Grabbed myself some magnets from Daiso.

This is the Umeda Sky Building. It was highly recommended to me to go see and I would recommend it again. Those lines going from one building to the next are escalators.

The view from the Umeda Sky Deck, looking towards Shin-Osaka.

The top of the Umeda sky deck has a fence covered in these engraved love hearts that people buy especially for the fence.

Here's one of the aforementioned escalators... Quite scary going up them!

Random BMW running BBS wheels, apparently its a requirement in Japan.

Up Garage! One of my favorite parts of my trip!

Spare Longchamp anyone?

I couldn't believe the variety of cool wheels here.

Check out those Watanabe's, 13j!!!

Good lord I'd love to have a local shop that sells stuff like this!

Imagine having a super cheap sell stuff like this, "Oh hey, I was just looking for a set of coilovers for my Ae86..." "Sure thing they're over on that shelf." ><

I should have got this, but it would have been a pain to get back to Aus. A manifold to run quad throttles on a 4age... I can guarantee it would be worth more than $100 in Aus.

Alexi holding up a $600 R35 headlight. Alexi was the sole reason I got up to Up Garage so I am very thankful for him taking us up there as well as showing us around parts of Tokyo.

I snapped up these Hayashi centre caps, there were only two but my Streets never came with them. Definitely looks cooler.

Badass sunny parked at Up Garage.

Same as this Odyssey.

Got myself a hangring too... I had one at home already but you can never have too many.

Our last day in Japan was at Tokyo disney. Here is C-3PO talking Japanese to us.

Spotted this on one of the kids car rides at Tokyo Disney... Not real though.

I had to go on this ride, even though it was for kids how could i resist.

 I have to say too, if the track that these ran on was real it would be the most amazing drift track ever!

The castle at Disney, quite epic.

This took a lot of strength to not buy, would have been awesome to run at a drift day for a joke.

Our last night in Japan we went out for my girlfriend Emily's birthday. The 3 course meal we had was amazing! This was the desert.

A bit of light reading waiting for my plane. I ended up with two JDM option mags, Two G-Works, a Drift Tengoku and a VIP magazine.

My LA dodgers hat... Still love it.

Could the gate number be a coincidence? I think not...

Hayashi caps on the wheels, looks pretty cool!

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