Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I'm slowly getting happy with this car again. The fresh motor is feeling good, however I am still very timid when driving it. Obviously I still need to run in the rings, but on top of that the fuel pump decided it wants out. It whines a lot after driving the car for a while but I will replace that this week.

When I was in Japan I bought a full set of 5mm slip on spacers for the car, so I put them in yesterday and lowered it about 7mm each side. It was just on legal height before which is where I wanted to keep it, but I don't think I will get into too much trouble with it looking like this.

Ultimately I'd love to buy a set of 10-15mm bolt on's and possibly looking at getting the tear drops widened (a thousand keyboard warriors just cried in unison), just for the sake of pure subtlety. But by the time I put in the money and hours for that I might as well get some good works for it... It'll happen one day.

I'm also very happy with my cup holder I bought from Up Garage, I've been wanting one like this for a long time. Of Course having Seven Stars there is a given.