Tuesday, June 7, 2011

JDMST - Calamvale

I went for a bit of a drive up to Calamvale last night for the JDM Style Tuning meet up there.
Lots of cool cars up there, but nothing that really screamed... Pretty dissapointing.

Here's my photos from the night but I got about 3 shots in before I felt like every other poor sucker floating around taking photos for blogs etc..

There was a good mixture of cars around, but like I said nothing really stood out too much.

I took an incredibly blurry photo of the corolla just for the sake of posting it up lol. 

This has to be my favorite car of the night, if I were to say anything stood out for me it was this R31. 

Z's were plentyful... but I'm pretty sure they come out factory with those Varrstoen wheels now lol.

Generic S15 #30... Don't get me wrong, every s15 there looked awesome, but being so many with such similar bits makes things very repetitive.

Case in point, that said this was probably my favorite S15 of the night. 

And this probably made my night, I actually used to own this... Never thought I'd see it again. 

It never looked that good when I owned it but it's seen better days.

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