Sunday, June 19, 2011

MotorFIX at YZ circuit - June 18th

So I'm sitting here in my hotel room in Osaka and I'm getting very sleepy, but I honestly cannot wait to blog this...

Anyone who has any interest in drifting and ke model corollas will have heard of MotorFIX.
For the last 6 years of building my Corolla, MotorFIX has been a constant and ever increasing inspiration for myself. I have always been in awe of every car that has had this workshop's name associated with it. Whether it be a rusty corolla wagon or immaculate sedan that has been built by Nozomu Sakai.

Today I can die a happy man, having spent the majority of my day at YZ circuit hanging with Sakai-san and all of the MotorFIX boys. Not only was I watching them drive, but also being privileged to passenger runs in Nozomu's recently built 1uz ke70.
Let me tell you, Nozomu is an AMAZING driver. I feel extra special as well because this is the very first track day of the v8 monster!!

Onward to some quick iPhone photos, I took a butload of shots with my SLR so I will do a full cover of the day, but I will have to edit them when I am back in Aus. 

Firstly, I have to thoroughly thank Ewan Paterson of K-Tours for picking both myself and my girlfriend Emily up from Nagoya train station and driving us all the way out to YZ Circuit. This would not have happened without his help, so thank you very much mate!

We actually had a spot of bother on the way up to the track with the police, obviously driving a loud, low JZX90 Chaser doesn't favour with the local authorities. That said, it wasn't long before we were on our way again.

A quick stop over at a convenience store to get some food and drinks to have at the track. 

Yz Circuit!!

I can't express how much of a dream come true it was to see all these cars in person!

I absolutely loved this 86!

Just a couple of spare wheels and tires, I'm sure I know of people in Aus that would do just about anything to get their grubby mits on these.

Unfortunately the Immaculate Maroon ke70 and the rusty beige wagon weren't being driven today as it was a test day for the 1uz ke70

Alexi Smith was very kind to help me find some dickies overalls in Osaka, so I looked the part at YZ today!

The track was filled with friends of MotorFIX, so lots of cool 86's and other cars

This R31 from R31 House was tearing it up, apparently it was built in Australia??

I couldn't pinch myself enough to realise I was just casually hanging out all day just next to these two cars!!

This Carina was awesome, I have some good photos of him and Sakai tandeming.

What better way to finish off your day of drifting that taking the Shinkansen back to Shin-Osaka

Proper photos and a few vids soon guys!!

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