Friday, June 17, 2011

Greetings From Japan

Hey guys, here's some quick photos.
It's 1.30am and I'm sitting here in Tokyo infront of my girlfriends laptop.

I've had an awesome night tonight hanging with my girlfriend Emily, as well as meeting up with Alexi Smith from Noriyaro for some beer and ramen.

Just thought you guys would like to see some very quick photos, nothing much but something none the less.
all iPhone quality but I fixed them up a little in CS5

Generic sunset photo out of the plane...

Shibuya Hachiko crossing... Pretty rad place

Tomorrow is going to go one of two ways for me, I desperately want to make it down to Nagoya to stay overnight so some friends can drive me up to Yz circuit on Saturday where I will meet the motorfix guys.
There also might be some street involved...
Unfortunately this goes really against the grain as we already have pre-paid accommodation in Osaka for tomorrow night... So I'm going to have to see... Once in a lifetime deal so I reckon just do it... $100 bucks or so isnt much to split with... so we'll see

catchyas again soon

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