Saturday, June 26, 2010


I have little doubt in my mind that any form of Australian Government will see this, or if they do, be remotely interested.

In this video Mark Skaife (for those out of the country - one of our v8 supercar champions) says it all on the show Sunday Night.
I couldn't agree more with everything he has to say.

It’s hard to imagine that there would be any interest to change the current forms of revenue raising in favor of more educated drivers on our roads. Road conditions are another thing. You would think with the collective amount of money raised from registration, tolls, fines and every other little thing they ping us for there would better quality roads around.
I have to tell you I live on the Gold Coast and some of the highways and main roads around here I have seen better condition roads out in the sticks of Thailand.

I wonder so often what the government is thinking when it comes to road safety. How can they expect to reduce deaths on our road with the current approach?
It seems they think that if they shock and scare us with horrific road safety ads and empty our pockets time after time it will make us better drivers.

It sickens me how wrong they are...

Have a watch, if you have a blog post this up, the more people that see this the more we will ALL benefit from it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Exhaust Video

I'm heading off to Europe in 5 days so this might be my last post for about a month.
I thought it would be fitting to leave you guys with a video of my most recent mod to the car of my new muffler. Very happy with the sound but this video honestly doesnt do it justice.

Not bad for $100 in thailand eh?

Corolla Shirt

I got a parcel in the post today from ZC Distromotive in Indonesia.

My shirts turned up, one of which has my corolla on the back of it! Very happy with them, especially cause they sent me them for free. Very Very comfy too!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Muffler

This is probably the most progess this car has had in the last year, but im glad i finally got around to it.
I have had this muffler sitting in my room for about a year and finally welded it on this afternoon. I havent mig'd in a while so it was good to get back into it, welds is shit though lol.

The car sounds so much better but its also much louder lol... Hopefully i dont get arrested.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

RIP 'The Pipe'

Well my old faithful mega pipe broke last night, you can see it here from another drift day.

I just ran it at QR so i didn't have a muffler on... unfortunately no other track lets me run it, even though there are far louder silvia's and skylines etc... It fell off half way through the night and i just cable tied it back on, thinking it was fine. First lap out again it fell off and on closer inspection it completely snapped the welds.

On top of this, the bolts were giving me grief when i was trying to put it on at the start of the night, and trying to get it off one of the bolts binded up and we had to snapp it off.

Its good it happend now though cause it was going to be the last track day i ever use it anyway. Next week i will be welding on my new cannon that i bought in Thailand last year. Been looking forward to that going on for quite some time now.

Also somewhere during the night i lost my front lip on the car and didn't realise untill the end of the night... So my chin lip is sitting somewhere in QR and is probably destined for the bin :(
I have left details and sent an email, so hopefully someone finds it and keeps it for me...
I have another good condition one but i much prefer this one cause it has so much battle damage

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Queensland Raceway Night Sesh

Heading out to QR tomorrow night for a good old friday night session.
Can't wait! I havent been to qr for a long time, and the last time i went was the first time with my new motor and i only got about an hour of driving before i snapped an axle.

This time i will be bringing axles and oil with me haha

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Midnight Mechanics Recognised in Indonesia

So i found out last night that someone in Indonesia has been printing drift shirts with my car on it lol.
I have to say i am honered, never in my wildest dreams would i ever think someone in another country would think my car was that cool to put on a shirt a sell it haha

I will see if i can get my hands on some and post again!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This... makes me want to go drive my 4A... Right now

Dammit... i so sorely miss driving my 4a with no muffler

This is also a very cool video, hmm... High comp pistons...