Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So you've built your rig up and now its time for some kickass paint to seal the deal.
The brilliant painter of my car, Lee, has just opened up a new shop in Molendinar called Jackal Smash.
Do yourself a favor and give him a call because honest to god this guy knows his shit.

If you know what my car looked like before it was prepped and painted by him, you'll know he's the real deal!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Crisis or Opportunity?

When it comes to cars, I can't stand spending money to just end up where I was before. I always like to see every crisis as an opportunity for some form of improvement.
A good friend, Davey Clarke, sent me a link today to a guy that sells brand new ke70 bits at incredibly cheap prices.

Seeing as I'm in need of new taillights due to my recent, uh... body modifications, I have splashed out and bought brand new tail lights, side indicators, quad light surrounds with parkers and matching grill.

Can't wait to have it here, it's definitely gonna freshen up the look of the car!!

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Damage Documatation

So in my own sick twisted way i decided it would be a good idea to take some photos of the damage, seeing as i only have iphone pics at the moment.
I gotta say i found it quite funny that Fink told me yesterday that while we were tandeming he could see my bucket seat through my tailight lol.

I must admit it looks fairly tough like this, i'll be fixing it when i can. But for now ill just get a tailight and fix my bumper.

Its pretty solid damage, but its all cosmetic. The boot still opens and closes perfectly lol WIN!

This is whats left of my bumper bracket... Ive been giving these a bad rap, theyre pretty inferior and never lined up properly. But im starting to think if these didnt snap then maybe my bumper might have.

This is also whats left of my seat rail, that bit is ment to be straight lol. It didnt break on the crash, but id say it took the main hit when i did. It took about 5 more runs before i started lifting up in my seat.

Lol and yes i did try ziptie it down to get just a little more runs in.

So for now i have my bride out and sitting in my room till i fix the rail.

My light got hit hard in the crash, it pretty much exploded lol

Thankfully my bumper corner didn't blow up, which i would have expected it to... I think all the same im going to reinforce the inside of all four of these.

Hmmm... So yer..

My perfect car isn't so perfect anymore lol

Still kept sliding after though.
It's about time I got some proper damage anyway. I'll have to get my hands on a mig and a compressor I think :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

All set for tomorrow

Quite a relaxing day today, but I cleaned up the corolla, checked it over mechanically and packed it up for tomorrow.

I also went over to Jayrad's tonight who's been struggling with a rogue dump pipe, a violently scrubbing guard and a hangover. He should be all set to trade paint with me tomorrow afternoon.

Can't wait to try out the QR short track tomorrow!

Prep for Sunday

So I'm done for the night now with the corolla. It's been on stands for half the week seeing as I have been lucky enough to have some garage space and I've had little time to work on it.

I've also been fairly rushed as I'm planning to do a track day on Sunday.

The brakes have been lacking lately considering I only have vented disks and nothing else. Probably doesn't help that the pads are completely flogged.

So I've forked out for some high temp pads and some race brake fluid. Hopefully now it should pull up fairly quick. I'm also planning to get some slotted disk but at $240 a pair I might see how these go first.

I also bought some 55 profile tires as apposed to the normal 185/60 14's for some of my skid rims to try them out. I'm planning to run these all round soon so I can lower the car more and make the car handle better.

You can see the difference in fitment on the front and rear. Hayashis are 60's and the hurricanes are 55

Definitely looking forward to fitment similar to this!

Oh also I finally got my wing back, I'm gonna try fit it up some time

Friday, March 25, 2011

Midnight Mechanic'ing

Not quite, but it's 10.30pm... Perfect time to be changing brake pads I'd say.

I have a track day on Sunday, and I've been running out of time this week. So I've been working on the car today in between my two jobs I work on Friday as well as now afterwards. Fun fun!

Monday, March 21, 2011

My life is complete

I always love seeing photos of my car floating around the net on differently blogs or online magazines. But i have always been of the opinion that it is a much higher privilage to have your car featured in a printed magazine.
Ideas of this happening when i first bought my corolla would have been nothing more than a pipe dream that i would have scoffed at had someone even mentioned that this might come true for me one day.
That said, it has always been the pinicale for me. I have always felt if i were to get my car in a printed magazine it would truely mean i have created something great.

Today i came home from work to find a parcel for me with three copies of the same magazine inside. A magazine that just happened to have my car featured in it.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I got bored.

I had some spare time to myself today so I decided to pull apart the dash in the s13. A couple of things haven't been working with the heating so I wanted to check all the wiring was hooked up correctly under there. Mostly though i just wanted to see if i could pull the dash out... Lol

Unfortunately I couldn't fix anything but I managed to clean up some things as I went.
Anyway everything is back as it should be now.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh it's hot..

Always loved the cars from the C's Garage boys, especially their wagon.
Been going through their build blog over the last few days and it's been getting me quite inspired for both of my cars.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Is where it's at

Shame it's not what it used to be right now, but I have hope

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chillout with Jason and his 80

Sunday afternoons are great for a little of a relax and to just hang out with your mates.
I did exactly this with Jason last sunday (and will be doing the same today with the other Jasons).

I love Jason's 80, its a bit of a shame that it sits around so much but he has had some troubled times. I know when this thing starts hitting the tracks and the hills it will be incredibly badass.

Not that it isn't even when its just sitting there, check this shit out.

Hill Run

After a long amount of trouble with his ae86 Jason has finally started driving it on the road again, so last Saturday we both went for a drive up our local mountain, Springbrook.
Unfortunately the thing has got a horrible idle and floods more fuel into the engine than bp did into the gulf of Mexico.

I managed to get myself a drive of the thing as well (dispite it dying twice on me from the overfuel) and i have to say im quite converted on turbo 4a's. Ive still got a lot i want to do with the Ze, and it was always going to be turbo eventually but now im actually quite keen for it.

Anyway, here's a hardpark photo.

Top Gear Live

Ive been flat out the last week or two with being back to uni so i havent had much of a chance to get near my computer for anything other than uni work.
Friday a week ago i went up with my friend and my girlfriend to see Top Gear live.
I was very excited to see Clarkson and May in person, unfortunately Hammond wasn't there but it was still a great show anyway.

Here's some iPhone shots i took also!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan - Godzilla ain't got shit

Well as I'm sure you have all heard, Japan has been hit with some devastating quakes and if that's not enough a giant tsunami afterwards.
I really hope everyone I know that's living there is safe and out of dangers way. I'm sure there is bound to be someone I know holidaying there as well so same goes. Be safe everyone!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm at uni and bored

So here's a photo of a cat

Three Four

Spotted this on the way to uni this morning, love the gram lights!
Dammit I love this iPhone app

Don't forget to introduce yourself on my last post if you're a regular reader! (even if you aren't!)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Roll Call! - Who's Reading?

It's occurred to me today from finding my stats on blogger that more people read this than I thought. I don't get a large amount of comments on here, but I always love to hear from new people.

So with that in mind I'd LOVE to hear from as many people that read my blog as i can!

Definitely keen to hear what car you drive, where you're from, where your local mountain is, whether you have a blog... Whatever you wanna list guys!
Especially keen to see some links and pics as well :)

Spread the word, and hopefully I can hear from quite alot of new people!!


- Grant

Sunday, March 6, 2011


So I FINALLY found an app to blog through my iPhone!

Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!! *party*

This is my first post with it so technically it's a bit of a test. Anyway here's some photos from before our hill run last night. Nick came all the way down from Brisbane and Jase brought out his 86 despite it dumping more fuel than BP while at idle.

Unfortunately as well we also had some of our mates Jayrad and Luke Fink get pulled over and fined in their s14's *sad face*