Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All running again

So this afternoon i went and got a 4age idler pulley from a wrecker to run as the adjustment pulley...
Turned out to be more of a pain in the arse than i thought, but i got it all sorted.

Basically you have to pull off the bracket that sleeves on the bearing and attaches to the spring, bin that..
Flip the pulley around, run enough spacers so the pulley itself doesnt touch the adjustment bit that you push it up and down on, and on top of that run a spacer inside thats big enough to fit the inside dia of the bearing as well as fits the dia of the bolt... This just prevents the pulley from running around cause its a half moon shape inside it, not an actual hole.

Anyway, its all running now

It pulls very hard now, but it only hits 0.8 Bar which is a bit short of the 1 bar (14psi) that i was told it should run.
That said i have also been told that factory ecu's dont like to run past 12 psi, and that 14psi is signing a death warrent for an SC12 so maybe its a blessing in disguise.

I know my clutch already is objecting to the idea of any more boost lol... i think im going to have a guessing game on what will break first haha

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Size difference

Here's a pic for you to understand the size difference of this beauty, its fairly solid and extremely well built.
Ive always been just a little skeptical about some T3 parts, but ive bought a few things from them now and im nothing but impressed.


And for your viewing pleasure, i put my Techno Toy Tuning sticker they sent me on my Bride. Getting a few on there now but i still need much much more!
Might have to get some more MM stickers made up so i can get trading asap

14 Psi

It doesn't sound to much but in something that requires borderline insanity to drive at 0.6 bar this car is now going to be downright spastic!

I still gotta get the right belt and i think there is a few things that need to be changed to an N/A 4age part, but im about about to go try fit it up now.
Just got the hangring in there for a bit of reference, this pulley is huge!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Time for a bit more boost

Ordered myself one of these today and i can't wait till it turns up!

It isn't quite the right picture, im not sure why T3 puts this one up but its a 175mm crank pulley for a 4agze which will apparently bring me from 8 psi to 14psi.
I seriously cant wait to have this in, the car will be freaking physco... If it blows off competitive drift cars and street jzx's now whats it going to do with almost double boost?


Monday, November 15, 2010

Aaron's Warrior KE70

Well my good mate Aaron is selling up his ke70. Which is a shame cause it's a rad little thing.
Especially considering it's currently the bearer of my old 16v 4age, which went like the clappers.

Aaron is a good friend of Hoshino, the owner of Team Geki in Japan. So on top of having some nifty little bits and pieces in the car, it's got quite a lot of Japanese drifting influence.

As well as the true heart of a Midnight Mechanic corolla.

The motor now powers through a Jap T50 and pushes the torque along through a TRD 2way inside a complete jdm Ae86 disc rear end.

So hopefully if it sells this isn't the last we will be seeing of this car. A lot of love from quite a few people I know has gone into this car. Fingers crossed it going to be seeing just as much touge!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jason's 180sx

It's good to see Jase finally got some of supercheap's finest rattle can paint to make his overs match the body of the car lol.
Its a huge improvement and although the car is still incredibly aggressive, there is a subtlety to it.

View the rest here:

Friday, November 12, 2010

Boredom gets things done


This badge has been sitting in my room near on two years now... it got sent to me with my bumpers, so thats how long its been there. I never bothered putting it on because its not ment for this type of grill and i could never bothered to try fit it.
Anyway, out of sheer boredom i was inspired to spend the 20 or so minutes of cutting, filing and sanding the back of it down so it slides nicely into the grill and screws in lol...

I think its meant for the other flat front corolla that was never delivered to Australia;

Being on uni holidays seems to be inspiring me to do alot, so the corolla might be seeing a few improvements over the next few months.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shakotan s13

So I got really really bored today...
I decided this would be a good idea

The Hayashi's are 14x8 -10 by the way

Looked pretty cool, but it would have to be much lower... This is how it would look if I actually wanted to put the effort in.

Fucken cool, but I think I'll stick with the plan for 17x9 +18's

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I need some of these!!!!

I'm no fan of people's cars being keyed, but damn some people really do not know how to park (or drive - end rant)


Friday, November 5, 2010

J Exhaust

Well, the S13 got some special treatment today. Ive been toying with the idea of getting a new exhaust for a week or so now, and finally found the right one thanks to JPP on the Gold Coast.
My original one was a very Aus spec 2 1/2" with a very bland looking cannon... uggh.. Anyway i splashed out and bought a 3" mild steel one you see below:
Here's the two of them next to each other... God knows why exhaust shops here decide to build exhausts like this, it just doesnt look right... Anyway, luckily Japan knows how to get it right.

The final product, the new exhaust tucks up really nicely and doesnt foul on anything... Super!
Also its got the gansta J lean lol